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"These small stones help us to remember that the presence of our Creator 
is in all things and never more than a thought away."
- Ella T. Newkirk


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About EllaElla was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Northern Virginia.  From the time she was old enough  to hold a pencil she was drawing.  She started taking professional art classes when she was nine years old.  Ella was in advanced art classes through high school, and graduated from T.C. Williams High School, receiving a National Scholastic Art Award.  This provided her with a full scholarship to Corcoran School of Art, a part of George Washington University.  She attended Lees-McRae in North Carolina, leaving school three weeks before graduation. Because of  that brilliant move she was never able to use her scholarship to Corcoran.   She has been self-taught and continues to take random classes when needed.  Ella has done work for national as well as local publications and has shown her work, as a featured artist, in several galleries through out the east and southwest.
  Ella was struck by lightning when she was twenty years old. This experience enhanced her already deep interest in metaphysics.  She had a near death experience that started her on a search for the peace, love and joy that she felt with this event.  As part of her search, she tries to spend time in prayer and meditation each day.  It was while meditating and praying for inspiration and subject matter for an upcoming show that she first saw the faces in stone.  Each day for several weeks the same faces would fill her thoughts.  Finally, one day she stopped and said “Look God I work in pen and ink.”  To her surprise she heard quite clearly “Even in the smallest stone I am there.”  After hearing this for many, many weeks, she came to the realization that this was a very special assignment.  Not understanding the purpose of the faces, she operated with blind faith, trying to find a way to produce them. The process took almost one full year to figure out how to reproduce what she was seeing in the stones.  The first stones were completed on February 23, 2000.  The poem that accompanies the small works of art was born of spirit on March 23, 2000.  

Ella's current passions are her “story stones,” “listening stones” and her “bright idea masks”.  These items have been sent all over the world.  Each stone is lovingly done by hand and there are no two alike.  The stones have brought comfort and healing to those people who recognize them for what they are -- a gift from God.  The stones have been used as focus stones at hospice and birthing centers.  They have gone to cancer patients and people in need of comfort and a place to unburden them selves.  These small stones help us to remember that the presence of our Creator is in all things and never more than a thought away.


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